Museum of the Peace Corps Experience


Our Long-Term Vision

After over 50 years of serving the world’s people through the Peace Corps there is a wealth of stories that should be shared with a wider audience.  This proposed museum will fulfill Peace Corps' third goal in a big way: bringing many cultures home to Americans and broadening geographic education.  There will be sections of art, artifacts, photographs, videos, and live interaction reflecting lifestyles from various countries around the world.  These exhibits will rotate periodically.  In addition, the museum will mount traveling exhibits, working with returned volunteer groups to bring Peace Corps stories into many communities around the country.

Peace Corps Volunteers' rich understanding of world cultures will be harnessed to mount engaging exhibits on a number of subjects.  Examples from around the world will be brought into discussions of...

  1. farming, cooking, and dining customs

  2. formal and informal education systems

  3. economic challenges and opportunities

  4. interpersonal interaction and community decision-making

  5. the roles of women and children in society

The museum will also take on a major documentary role:  telling the unadulterated stories of what it has been like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in various times and places.  The museum will address the following issues...

  1. Peace Corps' institutional history

  2. U.S./world political and social history reflected in the Peace Corps

  3. stories of volunteer life

  4. descriptions of current Peace Corps projects

There will be lots to see for people of all ages, including video and audio clips, diary and book excerpts by returned volunteers, photographs, art, and artifacts.  There will also be a library and meeting rooms which will serve as resources for researchers, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and prospective recruits.