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Collections FAQs


What types of items are of interest to the Museum?

Items of interest include functional and decorative objects of material culture—such as occupational and household tools, textiles, ceramics, crafts, artworks, masks, and ceremonial items—that you acquired during your service as a volunteer.

How do I donate an item to the Museum?

You will need to complete and submit an information form, available on the website. To access the form, go to Collections page. Please submit a photo of each object. If your item is selected for the Museum’s collection, we will notify you and, at that time, request a signed deed of gift to transfer ownership.

Why does the Museum ask me to submit a personal story with my donation?

A compelling story brings an object to life and enhances the viewer’s experience. We encourage you to tell us the story behind the item you donate—how you acquired it, how it relates to the culture or your work, and why it’s meaningful to you as a symbol of your Peace Corps service. The website offers tips and guidelines. If you need assistance with telling your story, please contact us.

What happens to my object after I submit it to the Museum?

Items submitted to the Museum undergo a rigorous selection process. Each piece is assessed and considered on the basis of its distinctiveness, cultural significance, and condition.

If selected, your donation will be entered in the Museum’s database; if not, it will be returned to you. The item will be packed, in compliance with highest museum standards, for storage and use in exhibitions. Acceptance of an object does not guarantee that it will be exhibited; however, the Museum strives to display as much of its collection as possible on a rotating basis.