The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience has mounted various professional exhibits since the founding of the Committee in 1999.   
Through an array of artifacts, exhibits inform visitors about the lives of Peace Corps Volunteers and the communities in which they serve.  The goal is to bring alive the daily activities of Volunteers and show how they experience being immersed in a culture entirely different than their own as they work side-by-side with host country nationals.  By viewing objects and hearing stories of these cross-cultural encounters, visitors get a flavor of the challenges and rewards of service abroad.  
The exhibitions engage people of all ages and backgrounds and help them explore Volunteer service in a wide spectrum of assignments, cultures and eras.

RPCV Exhibition, Portland Community College (Sylvania Campus), 2012

50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps, Oregon Historical Society Museum, 2011

CMPCE Exhibition, Art Institute of Portland, 2005

CMPCE Exhibit, Collins Gallery, 2003

CMPCE Exhibition, Interstate Firehouse, 2001