Photo by Caroline Fong, Tanzania 2016–2018

Why a Museum?

Because objects tell Peace Corps stories. The Museum collects both.


Every volunteer brings home objects and stories from an unfamiliar culture.


Objects—and the stories behind them—form the Museum’s core.


Multimedia exhibits invite visitors into Peace Corps Volunteers' lives.


The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience envisions connecting people around the world to inspire service and peace, showing that our common humanity is more fundamental than the cultures and ideas that separate us.


The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience collects and preserves stories and objects of material culture donated by volunteers who serve in communities around the globe. It fosters cultural understanding through education and promotes research on the impact of Peace Corps, encouraging visitors to serve—wherever they live, however they can.


The Museum will install its first exhibits in Washington, DC, at Peace Corps Place, the new home of the National Peace Corps Association. A state-of-the-art museum will eventually find a permanent home in the Peace Corps Community Center. An online museum is a major goal of this multiphase project. Virtual exhibit space will enable global access to its collections.

clothing and textiles
Peace Corps Place, Washington, DC


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