Share Your Peace Corps Experience

Documenting Your Peace Corps Experience with Artifacts and Stories

You’ve returned from the Peace Corps with unforgettable memories, and perhaps a few objects that you’ve used in presentations and shown to family and friends.  Time passes. You’ve told your stories, and your artifacts are now stored away. What next? Could there still be a larger audience eager to learn about your service and the culture you came to know and love?  Indeed, there is!

The Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience is preparing to accept artifacts that illustrate and embody the experience of service around the globe.  The Museum is establishing a virtual presence and plans to have exhibit space in Washington D.C. in late 2019.  One-by-one, exhibits will tell the story of the Peace Corps in a way that’s never been told before. Here is how you can get engaged:

Find objects you brought home at the close of service, even everyday items used for cooking, farming, hunting, clothing, decoration, worship, games; or artifacts associated with some aspect of your service.  You might also have written diaries, letters, newspaper articles; or preserved photos, videos, paintings and drawings of people and places in or near your community.  Other keepsakes and souvenirs that you brought home with you from your travels may illuminate your adopted culture and place of service or its history.


How to Submit an Object to the Museum

The first step is to identify objects that bring a story to mind or carry particular significance.

Then, please go to the Collection Tab. 


Thank You for Submitting Your Object to the Museum!

While you wait to hear back from the Museum curator, you could begin to write an associated story or narrative describing the item. The story should be less than 300 words. 

If the object is selected for the collection you will be asked to record your story, preferably in your own voice. Don’t worry, we’ll provide instructions for how to record and submit it!

Click here to see an example of an object accepted into the Museum, its story, and listen to the audio recording of the story.