Share Your Story

When you donate an object to the Museum, we encourage you also to send a story related to that object—how you acquired it, who made it, how it relates to the culture or your work, and why it’s meaningful to you as a symbol of your Peace Corps service.

Story Guidelines

If you need a jump start, consider approaching your story from one of these angles:

  • How did you first encounter the object?
  • What is its significance to you personally or to your work as a volunteer?
  • What is its role or function in the culture?
  • What is its connection to a memorable event or experience—funny, traumatic, exotic, or other—that occurred during your service?
  • How did you acquire it and get it home to the U.S.?
  • Are there resources—books, films or videos, audio recordings, music, websites, research projects, photo collections—that reference your object? If so, please provide information or links.

Finally, remember—it’s your story to tell. Have fun with it.

Suggested length for stories is 300 to 700 words. Your story may be edited before it is uploaded on the website or exhibited.

Please include photos of the object with your story, as well as a recent head shot of yourself.